Sunday, October 08, 2006

17. October Trades So Far

The trades so far for October are:

PSSI stopped out on 10/2 for a $68 dollar loss.
Bought 150 shares of MICC on 10/5 at the limit price of $43.02. The stop-loss was set at $40.52.
Bought 370 shares of LMNX on 10/6 at $19.04, a $.07 improvement of the limit price of $19.11. The stop-loss was set at $18.07.

These trades were all done using the EBOTS system. Also, if you’ve done the math you’ll see that I’ve upped the risk per trade to 2% from the 1% I used in September. I’ve done this for several reasons. First I’m confident in the techniques I’m using. Second I’m only increasing the risk per trade not the overall risk in my account. This means fewer trades at a time. I’m hoping this will prompt me to do a better job of selecting stocks from the options presented by the screen. Finally, it will save me a little money on commissions although this by itself would not be a good reason.

My current portfolio is:
160 shares of MYE bought 9/26/06 at $17.30
85 shares of GVA bought 9/27/06 at $52.05
150 shares of MICC bought 10/5/06 at $43.02
370 shares of LMNX bought 10/6/06 at $19.04

The available risk in my account is currently 1.2% but I’m not going to open anymore trades until I sell something or some of my current positions lose enough risk to their rising trailing stops that I will have 2% available.

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At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ouch..three out of four of your picks got slammed a few weeks later.

How did your stops hold up?
Was there anything to suggest their collapse, that you missed?

Keep writing!


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